Digitale Idea


I’m thinking of using still photos of scrabble letters in my Digitale (digital tale). I will have my voice reading from the script, and then use the scrabble letters to highlight certain words. Hopefully, if selected carefully, the words alone would allow you to follow the story.. I guess this could even be a start to my storyboard for my Digitale – the idea. I am yet to finalise my script.

I’d like to make the idea of this Digitale ‘the impact of people’s words’. This is why I have chosen to use Scrabble letters showing certain words. My story is based upon what someone said to me, something that I found incredibly shocking. Hopefully by using these Scrabble words, I will be able to convey to the audience that words, and what you say to others, have great importance and can completely ruin or make a man/woman within seconds, or at least change your opinion of them.


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