“Words” ~ Digitale ARTS2065

My Digitale from ARTS2065. Hope you enjoy!


Digitale Storyboard

A storyboard from my planning of my Digitale.


I originally tried placing the scrabble pieces on top of the scrabble board but I thought it looked to messy and busy:


So I think I’m just going to put them on the other side of the board which is plain:



I’m thinking of using the Scrabble idea in my Digitale. I need to finalise my script properly in order to select the most appropriate words to spell which would not only be sensical but also entertaining, and thought provoking.

I will also need to think about the light when I take these pictures. I want it to be a soft, warm, yellow light, with minimal natural light exposure. I will have to source this location, or see where I could create this situation.

I will also try a few different possibilities in reference to lighting and camera angles to see if I like this idea or not – mainly to see whether it works. Hopefully it will!

Stalker – Wk 3 Tutorial

Here is our film from week 3. We had the idea of something stalking a group of people, but having it at a low perspective. The idea was that a bird was stalking the group. This is supposed to be realised after me and Anna turn to see that it is there and it gets a fright and starts flying out of control.
I think it might have been better if we had a longer time period of stalking – if not just the whole film just about the stalk. I was thinking about the stalking film clips we looked at in the lecture, particularly ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’ (1954, Jack Arnold). The stalker looks and follows its victim for a long period of time, coming very close at some points, and the victim is completely unaware. I think this makes the audience feel a great deal of excitement and anxiety seeing that the stalker is right there, but also seeing the the victim is oblivious. I think this would have been fun and interesting to try and replicate this idea.

I originally thought of the idea of a girl walking around campus and having the camera follow her, hiding behind walls when she turns around, and have some moments when the camera got really close to her hair. Would it even be necessary to show her finding out who the stalker is / that she is being stalked? Also I thought of hearing the stalker’s breath as she walked around campus. That also got me thinking of ideas about how the meaning would change if it was a boy being stalked by a girls breath, or a girl being stalked by a girls breath… I thought that may have been interesting to explore.

But maybe that is a little clich̩ Рtoo much of the typical stalker idea?
Anyway – enjoy!

Digitale Idea


I’m thinking of using still photos of scrabble letters in my Digitale (digital tale). I will have my voice reading from the script, and then use the scrabble letters to highlight certain words. Hopefully, if selected carefully, the words alone would allow you to follow the story.. I guess this could even be a start to my storyboard for my Digitale – the idea. I am yet to finalise my script.

I’d like to make the idea of this Digitale ‘the impact of people’s words’. This is why I have chosen to use Scrabble letters showing certain words. My story is based upon what someone said to me, something that I found incredibly shocking. Hopefully by using these Scrabble words, I will be able to convey to the audience that words, and what you say to others, have great importance and can completely ruin or make a man/woman within seconds, or at least change your opinion of them.