The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Showdown

This is the scene our group has decided to adapt for a shot-by-shot remake. We’ve been thinking about different locations of where to film our adaptation, e.g. a cemetery at Helensburgh, a paddock, Waverley cemetery, and/or just an open space. We have also been thinking about different issues like what the costumes would be and also whether we would use ‘real guns’ (real looking guns). We were also given a suggestion of making it an Australian western with the Aussie Akubra’s. I liked this idea!!
Our main question and concern at the moment is how much we want to modernise this scene, if at all.


Moon River – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I think this would work well as an adaptation for our student project. It would eliminate the problem of line delivery – obviously we can’t recreate an Al Pacino!! I really like this scene and I think it would be really nice 🙂

Under The Sun – Wk 1 Tutorial

A short film we made in tutorials last week. The theme was ‘Under The Sun’. We decided to go with the idea of someone who was afraid of the sun – someone who could not enjoy the pleasure’s of being ‘under the sun’. We did not really storyboard our shots – instead we just discussed them and adjusted them when we found the location we desired.